About Me

A little more about me and my writing.

the fam during "quaranteaster" 2020 (feat. knit baby yoda)

At the end of a big event in 2018, a former coworker stopped me in a hotel lobby and told me:

"Camden, you have a gift for pulling insight from Scripture and making it accessible to others. That's why God put you on the earth."

Over the years, I’ve been able to see God’s gift in my life played out through the incredible opportunities he’s given me to help people know Jesus.

Whether it’s writing evangelism training, devotionals for a discipleship app, working on YouVersion plans, or assembling gospel follow-up booklets, I’ve seen my words impact hundreds of thousands of people. 

But whether it’s writing for the masses or for my mediocre blog following, I find great joy in helping people see and understand Jesus more clearly.

Where I Write

Here are some of the places I currently work as a freelance writer and editor.

In addition to these, I’ve worked with authors and speakers to publish their work on sites like FOX News, Christianity Today, CBN, and Christian Post.

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The Tools I Use

I love sharing ideas and resources. Below are a few of my favorite tools.

  • Writing: Scrivener or Microsoft Word
  • Editing: ProWritingAid (my second set of eyes)
  • Web Hosting: Site Ground
  • Web Design: WordPress using the Hello theme and Elementor Pro plugin
  • Task Management: Trello and the ever-reliable pen and paper
  • Simple photo editing: Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020

Stay In Touch

Whether you’re interested in working with me or just want to connect, I’m always eager to get to know writers, creatives, and ministries. Connect with me here or through the social media links below!

Please note: This is a personal blog, and therefore any views I share here are my own and do not necessarily represent my church or clients.