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For All Adrenaline Junkies of the Christian Faith

Even more impressive than the availability of Christian opinion is the appetite of readers. All it takes is a catchy headline about a topic we care about (or are made to think we care about), and we’ll eat it up.

We are the adrenaline junkies of the Christian faith.

Camden McAfee

Finding Jesus When I Back into a Car

Three days ago, I backed into a car.

No one was around, so I had to leave a note. The lack of closure only increased my anxiety.

The next day, I went to church, and the sermon hit home. The point was this – although life may be chaotic at times, God wants to be present with us wherever we are.

Camden McAfee

Stop Being Scared to Admit This

Twelve spies go on a secret mission to explore the Promised Land. Ten come back terrified, warning the people not to proceed. Two beckon the people onward to embrace the promise of God. The people listen to the majority of the spies, and as a result, the nation of Israel spends 40 years in the wilderness.

How to Not Do Everything and Still Have Joy

In my quiet time this morning, I felt pressured, even a little desperate. I realized in a moment of introspection that I’m incapable of carrying all of life’s responsibility.

If I’m right – you can relate to this juggling act we call “life.”

While We Were Still Weak

Tonight, I felt myself simultaneously slipping and paralyzed because of a hundred good things. I grew up learning about the will of God. Romans 12:2

For the Mornings You Feel Distant from God

If there’s ever a question about faithfulness, it’s on us, not God. “If we are faithless, he remains faithful— For He cannot deny Himself.” Those words