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Camden McAfee

Seek It Like Silver

Each day, we choose where to pour our time, focus, and energy. Engaging Scripture is one way we choose to put God first in our lives.

Camden McAfee

Finding Peace in our Time with God this Week

If we wait for the perfect moment to spend time with God, we’ll be waiting forever. Let me ask: Do you believe you have to prepare yourself to be with God, or do you believe that He’s already prepared Himself to be with you?

Beauty and the Beast
Camden McAfee

The Beauty, the Beast, and the Gospel

God cannot make a pleasure greater than He can give in Himself. Therefore every good pleasure is not a reflection of heaven but merely a dim, jaded foretaste.

Camden McAfee

Is There Persecution in America?

Last month I shared hard facts about the persecution of Christians around the world. But if America is so Christian, where’s our persecution?